Cluebox2 – Hints



This is a tutorial to open the cluebox.

Please don’t read this tutorial if you want to open box independently. Please read the last part of the tutorial if you want to place a gift into the box.

When you are stuck at a certain step, you can refer to the information below.


Find on the one of the walls of the box inscription “START”

You should start opening the locker by solving the puzzle on the bottom

Symbols on the sliding elements are similar to the symbols on the bottom. You need to arrange all sliding elements to fit symbols on the bottom.

There are several methods to do this, arranging by:

  • lines
  • diagonal
  • rotation

Here is explanation of one the methods:

After organizing all sliding elements you will get the connection between central elements which will give you the key for the next puzzle – steering wheels.

Start with the steering wheel which can give you one unique combination of symbols

The steering wheel with the connector which leads to itself provides the starting point of the puzzle solution

Find the corresponding combinations on the three remaining wheels using the solution on the first wheel and the connectors found in the sliding puzzle

Final combination of wheels

Once you set steering wheels correctly, pulling the upper pin you will discover the arrows which will provide you a hint for the next step

The arrows on the upper pin are similar to the arrows on the small side buttons

The endings of the small side buttons are similar to the (W) and (E)  forms on the box

(W) and (E) are representing West and East

  1. Pull the upper pin
  2. Push the W(est) pin to the left (west)
  3. Push the E(est) pin to the left (east)
  4. Pull the key


Follow the same logic on another side and pull the second key

Pull the upper part of the box – the box is split into two parts

There is another skull symbol on the box


Follow the arrow sign I -> II

Push the wall with skull (I) to the direction of skull (II), it will open the space

Find the way to move other walls

  1. Turn  the box around and move the second wall using the pin

2. Move the third wall sliding it to the left

3. Turn  the box around and move the last wall using the pin

4. New window will be opened and provides you the key to the next step – decoding the sailors symbols

Find the corresponding combinations between sailors on two separated parts of the box

Examples of combinations shown below

Set them the combinations on the wheels (two examples below)

Set matching combinations of starts on the lock with eight keys

Below solution for two examples

After setting combination for the lock pull the key out


Pull the middle part of the box to discover the next lock

There are two symbols which will give you a key to open the lock

The two keys from the upper part of the box serving as the keys for this lock

Return the four walls from the lower part of the box to the initial state (close the window)  to open the key holes

Insert the keys and remove the cover of the secret space

Look closely to the card from both sides – they are connected

Letters are representing numbers




Type following URL in the browser:

  1. Insert the cover of the secret space and take out the keys

2. Place the middle part of the box on the lower part, set the “stars” keys to the right combination and insert the lock key. Pay attention to the direction of the key

3. Place the upper part of the box on the middle part of the box. Orienting “South” direction the secret window

4. Repeat the actions similar to the process of opening the box

  • Pull the upper key
  • Push small buttons to (W)est / (E)ast as shown on the box
  • Insert the keys exactly in the same what as shown below

(Standard version)

(Kickstarter version “Red”)

5. Lock the cover:

  • Place the small pins on the middle
  • Push the upper key down
  • Rotate the steering wheels

This is the final step to reset and lock the box