How do I create a game?

For a detailed description of how to create a game please click here

Will my email address be passed on to the third party?

Absolutely not. Your email will not be forwarded to anyone. Only we can see your email so that we can write to you and inform you about the news on our portal.

Is there advertising on your site?

No, there is no advertising. There are no hidden product or service applications.

What is iDventure?

IDventure is based on an interactive online platform that is designed to make a personal adventure a reality, yes, this as simple as children’s play. The game you want to create adapts perfectly to your environment. Each game consists of predefined and flexible templates, which you simply adapt to your needs. The gameplay is based on a proven treasure-searching concept, a “quest”, in which several puzzles have to be solved to reach the final goal.

IDventure was created because we, the creators, were tired of looking for ideas for celebrations, children’s birthdays etc.. And also for a matching motto, for invitations, games, souvenirs and everything that belongs to it. Boring parties are finally over!

A central idea was at the forefront of the development of iDventure: We want to motivate people to let their imagination run wild. And also we want to make the resulting adventures accessible to as many people as possible – so that one can feel excellent for very little amount of money spent for a game. And that is our vision: to bring people together through an extraordinary experience.

What can I create with iDventure?

Whether you’re looking for an exciting pirate treasure hunt in your own home or a spectacular outdoor chase, whether an inspiring children’s party or an unforgettable wedding celebration, iDventure allows you to transform a completely standard event into an electrifying adventure in just a few steps. You can orient yourself to your favorite film, a book, a series or a game – create your game just the way you like it!

We invite you to be inspired by our ideas

Why should I register for an iDventure newsletter?

Benefits for signing up for a newsletter:

  • As a new user you will be given one of the games of your choice free of charge as soon as the game is released
  • You will receive notifications about special offers, new games, bonus material, events etc.
How can i subscribe to iDventure newsletter?

At the end of the main page or “How to” page enter your name and e-mail address and then click on “subscribe” button. A confirmation will be sent to your mailbox. Open the message and click “Confirm”.

Is user registration required?

A free of charge registration is required to use games and bonus materials.

What is bonus material?

Bonus material is a product that helps you make more interesting and exciting games.
It also helps to connect the virtual and the real worlds. Just go to the bonus material page, find the right bonus material that you can use immediately.

We are constantly working to supplement our portal with new creative ideas.
We are expanding the range of matching items you will find under “Bonus material”.
We recommend you register to our newsletter – this is how we inform you about the news on our portal.

I have no registration confirmation received. What shall I do?

Please check your mailbox (also the spam or junk folder). If you have not found confirmation message, please try to register again. If the problem exists, write us a message to

How much it cost?

Please check our prices HERE

How many games can I create?

As many as you want! On our website you will find a lot of interesting ideas and ready-made materials to help you create the game