What is iDventure?

IDventure is based on an interactive online platform that is designed to make a personal adventure a reality, yes, this as simple as children’s play. The game you want to create adapts perfectly to your environment. Each game consists of predefined and flexible templates, which you simply adapt to your needs. The gameplay is based on a proven treasure-searching concept, a “quest”, in which several puzzles have to be solved to reach the final goal.

IDventure was created because we, the creators, were tired of looking for ideas for celebrations, children’s birthdays etc.. And also for a matching motto, for invitations, games, souvenirs and everything that belongs to it. Boring parties are finally over!

A central idea was at the forefront of the development of iDventure: We want to motivate people to let their imagination run wild. And also we want to make the resulting adventures accessible to as many people as possible – so that one can feel excellent for very little amount of money spent for a game. And that is our vision: to bring people together through an extraordinary experience.