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The magic potion for Alice

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The purpose of this game is to find the name of magic potion that will help Alice grow to her normal size and get back home. In order to figure out the name the players must search 6 pieces of a scroll that are hidden in different places in Wonderland. The players meet the inhabitants of Wonderland and solve numerous challenging tasks.

How it works?
– The game works on digital devices. The digital game is mainly used to get questions and to enter the solutions to the questions

– The rest of the game takes place with real objects and objects (it’s not a card game!)

– Multi-player game: You can print additional sets of games

What do you need?

– Preparation time: ~ 30 min

– In addition, our materials are a few household items needed such as:

-color printer

– 1x vial

– 5x disposable cup

– 1x book

– mirror

– Internet is required

– The game can not be played second time by the same team

– The game can be played second time by another team

In the preparation of the iDventure game the imagination knows no bounds. Suggestions for decorations and recipes that fit Alice in Wonderland can be found in our blog (only on German)

24.95 € inkl. MwSt.

With the iDventure game Alice in Wonderland, the participants embark on a journey into the wonderland of Alice. In the search for the lost potion, the players have to fulfill numerous tasks in the form of a scavenger hunt. The clock of the white rabbit, the polar star, the key to the miracle garden, and numerous other objects, which are to be discovered and guessed on the way. It is the mixture of an interactive computer game and a real chase game that makes up this game.

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