The island of five captains

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Move together with your guests on the pirate ship sailing to the end of the world and feel like Jack Sparrow!

With the game “Island of 5 Captains” your guests will travel to the high seas and to the depths of the mysteries related to the discovery of America. To find the great Inca treasure the players must solve a series of puzzles from the old pirate book.

The game is based on true characters and legends of known historical personalities, however, there is of course no guarantee that these events had happened in the past the same way as they are described in the game. It contains puzzles from history, mathematics, geography, linguistics and logic, and also exciting adventure stories. In addition, the scavenger hunt is accompanied by printed material.


The Game

Players must find a compass and four pieces of a treasure map in order to discover the island where the mysterious Inca treasure was hidden. The treasure, which is an Inca idol, was concealed by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro after the conquest of the Inca Empire.

** Images represent German version of the game, English version contains similar set of materials

The players begin their journey on the ship of Pizarro, on which the four map pieces and the compass are located. Each piece was hidden by one of the famous pirate captains. The location of these map pieces is coded in a diary.

The diary belongs to the “Keeper of the Pirate Laws” and is the most important element of the game. For each level the players get a set of tasks from one of the captains and have to solve them. But first of all they must find the diary!

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