The magic potion for Alice

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With the iDventure game Alice in Wonderland, the participants embark on a journey into the wonderland of Alice. In the search for the lost potion, the players have to fulfill numerous tasks in the form of a scavenger hunt. The clock of the white rabbit, the polar star, the key to the miracle garden, and numerous other objects, which are to be discovered and guessed on the way. It is the mixture of an interactive computer game and a real chase game that makes up this game.

Game instructions

The purpose of this game is to find the name of magic potion that will help Alice grow to her normal size and get back home. In order to figure out the name the players must search 6 pieces of a scroll that are hidden in different places in Wonderland. The players meet the inhabitants of Wonderland and solve numerous challenging tasks.

In the beginning all players have to watch the introduction video together. Alice asks the players to help her find the lost scroll and decipher the name of the magic potion.

The players have to be split into teams at this stage if necessary and the quiz begins. Each task or station begins with a small video. Sometimes there are additional pictures shown to elaborate the task. As soon as the players know the answer they can type it into the interactive iDventure interface. Should the answer be correct, Alice will lead the players to the next task. In case the answer was wrong additional hints and tips will appear to help players find the solution until a correct answer has been found.