Tin Woodman's Heart

Thank you for choosing our Tin Woodman’s Mechanical Heart.

Below you will find the assembly instructions. Please note that the instructions are based on the phrase “I Love You”. The kit contains some spare components which will remain after assembly of the model.

Although glue is not mandatory, we recommend using a glue for some components to ensure better stability of the model.

Important! Please read carefully the instructions and follow the exact steps described on this page.

Remark: we recommend to use a bit of glue during assembly of the base for the better stability of the model

Step 1.1 – Take out 4 pins F and the 2 half heart elements from the frames.

Attention! Perform this action carefully as element is fragile at the location marked in the picture below


Step 1.2 Take out elements A,B and C from the frames

Step 1.3 Insert 4 pins (F) into the base A

Step 1.4 Insert elements B and C on top of A

Step 1.5 Insert 2 hale heart elements on top of element C. Perform this action carefully as element is fragile

Step 2.1 Take out elements 7 & 8 and place them one on top of the another as illustrated in the picture below. We recommend to use glue to connect these two elements to ensure better stability of the model

Step 2.2 Insert 2 pins (5) as illustrated in the picture below, keep them in parallel in the direction of arrows

Step 2.3 Place the assembled element on top of element 10

Step 2.4 Flip both elements together and insert pin (6) as illustrated in the picture below.  Important notes:

  • Inserting Pin (6) will require to apply some force
  • Ensure that pin (6) is inserted with its cut line parallel to the opening length (check the illustration in the picture below)

Step 2.5 Validate that the lock (arrow) can move into both directions as illustrated below

Step 3.1  

  • Place the main cover on top of assembled element 10 with the lock
  • Insert the wheel with words “You, Romeo, Puzzle ….” between main cover and element 10 as illustrated below and set the third word of the phrase you would like to use.
  • Insert pin 4 as illustrated below

Step 3.2  

  • Flip the cover
  • Choose locker (1) or (2), depending on the word you’ve used. Ensure that the opening of locker fits the lock

Step 3.3 Repeat actions described in 3.2 for the wheel with words “Love, Hate, Best …” as illustrated below

Step 3.4

  • Insert pin (arrow, 0) into the target
  • Place target on top of the cover

Step 3.5 Repeat actions described in 3.2 for the wheel with words “I, Open, Save …” as illustrated below

Step 3.6

  • Place the cover on top of the base
  • To lock the box push the arrow and change the key words
  • To unlock the box perform the actions in opposite order: set the key phrase and pull the arrow

You can change the secret phrase following simple actions listed below:

4.1 Take the cover and remove pin from the wheel or wheels which you would like to change. It’s not necessary to take whole wheel completely out, it’s enough to remove locker (1) or (2), depending what you have used to lock the pin.

4.2 Rotate the wheel and set new word you would like to use

4.3 Lock it with the pin which fits the lock. You can the box with the cover and new secret phrase