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Welcome to the exciting world of iDventure!

With iDventure, you can create your own game adventure and we have done our best to make it easy and user-friendly journey.

The process of creation of a new game consists of three parts: crating introduction, setting game steps (defining tasks), and completing game.

We show you how simple and exciting the design looks

First you need to register to create your account


Create new game

After logging in, you will be automatically redirected to your personal area.

Click “Create Game” button


Set up the game name

Set the game name. Optionally, you can add event date and a map.

Hint: You can see the little blue question mark. When the cursor lingers short time over the question mark, help information will be displayed for each element.


Introduction text

Add the game description


Add Video(Optional)

Click the Video tab (Optional). Add the link to a video. Additional options include automatic playback and turn on / off of the audio track


Add Audio (Optional)

Go to the “Audio” tab. Click the “Upload” button to add an audio file or soundtrack. Look for the “Auto Play”


Add images (Optional)

Go to the “Pictures” tab. Click on the “Upload” button to add the images from your computer


Designing and organizing the steps - Sorting (Optional)

Move the items(which you added previously) to position them in the require order (drag & drop)


Setting Background (Optional)

Select a background image from the list


Save & Next step

The introductory phase is now complete. Set the “Level completed” checkbox, click “Save”, and then click “Next”


Create task

Now you can design the game levels and tasks. These tasks are the most important building blocks, which include questions, answers and tips.

Prepare your first task – set your question


Set up the answer

Add the appropriate answer


Add tips (Optional)

Optionally, you can add tips to help gamers with the tricky questions.


Add auto-response(Optional)

If the players have solved the task correctly and have placed the solution in the “Answer” field, you can congratulate the players with a pre-prepared feedback. You can also add an overflow to the next task


Sort, add Video, audio, pictures (optional)

Design elements can also be added here, as detailed in the “Introduction” section

Add additional tasks (Optional)

You can add additional tasks or levels according to the same pattern. The finished steps are green in color, all others are colored red. Also closed steps can be adjusted later.


Save & Next

When finished, set the Level Completed check box, click Save, and then click Next


Set up the game completion

Now you have reached the final stage, that is, the last part of your puzzle game. Here you can give the player a message in the form of video, audio and text to close the game


Save & Complete

When finished, set the Level Completed check box, click Save, and then click Complete


Buy the game

If you are satisfied with the result you can buy the game. Click the “Buy” button


Pay for the game

You will be redirected to the next page where the price and purchase options will be displayed. You can redeem your voucher here. After the successful payment you will receive a confirmation.Return to your account. Now the game is ready!


Share the game

You can share the game with the others. Click the “Share” button


Enter your e-mail address (s), add your message, and click the Send Invitation button


Delete game

The game can be irrevocably deleted


Buy game from the marketstore

We have created games for you using lots of imagination. You can buy one of these predefined games.Click the “Add Game” button.

ScreenshotA list of the available games will appear. You can read the game description and play the game in preview mode. Click the “More Info” button or the “Buy Game” button.