Unfinished case of Holmes - expert mode


Today a postman delivered a letter to your rented house with the following message:


Dear Addressee,


In July 2016 an archaeological expedition found a postal stagecoach looted in 1896, next to which a few undelivered postal items have been recovered. Some of them were well preserved, thanks to the quality packaging. One of these packages got into my hands by the will of destiny. It contained an excerpt from the notes of a so-called "Unfinished Case of Holmes ", about which there were many rumors.


After having read the surviving pages, I realized that the story could not be completed without having access to the most important part of this story – the house that contained important clues.


Therefore I’m sending you, the tenant of this house, all materials hoping that the clues can still be uncovered and you can follow the steps of Mr. Holmes and crack the case to the end. By doing so you will not only complete the work begun by the greatest detective in history, but you can also expect a very generous reward if you decide to publish the story. Still, the most important achievement of all would be to prove the innocence of a person who was charged with a crime, even if you do it 120 years later.


Good luck.


The belongings of the first owners were still stored in the attic of this old Victorian house, as they could not be thrown away according to the rental agreement.

Now it’s time to open the door to the more than a century old mystery!