Unfinished cased of Holmes – game instructions

 1. Download iDventure App

  2. Enter Game ID 20234 in the App and download the game




3. Game Materials (prep time 30 min)

Note: all materials to be printed with identical printer settings

3.1 Album pages

Download, print and cut out game album pages. We recommend printing it on both sides of the paper for better game experience. Please choose the option of flipping pages on the short edge. Please also set minimum margin

Download Sherlock’s album

3.1 Materials

Download, print (one sided) and cut out materials. For all levels except level 1 there are envelopes and corresponding materials to be enclosed to the envelopes.
Please follow the instructions on the first page of the document.

Download Sherlock’s materials



4. Play!  




5. Solution

Check this only if you’re blocked and used all tips!!

+ Level 1

+ Level 2

+ Level 3

+ Level 4

+ Level 5

+ Level 6