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Adventure Games as you never experienced before
with iDventure. A fascinating combination of reality and internet.

Do you know where the illusion ends and the reality begins? With iDventure you link the internet with the real world and play your adventure game in both!

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You are the stage director and producer of your own online game. It is simple – you use our templates and building blocks. You customize your adventure with your own content.

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Play your own game as often as you want. You buy the game only when you are fully satisfied with the result and quality. Now invite your playmates and share the game with them.

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Whether a tablet, or a laptop, or a smartphone – you choose the device and the location. Replay the game at no additional cost. Play with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Now the fun really starts! land-magnifier

Planning a quest in your apartment? Searching for hidden treasures in a mysterious forest? Should it be a birthday party for children or a company get-together? – iDventure makes it possible to transform any event into an unforgettable adventure. You can use a movie scenario, or a book you like, or create your own – you are the producer of your own adventure. Create your draft design for free!

At home
  • - treasure hunting, a trip to Hogwarts or an excursion to Wonderland for an unforgettable birthday party, for both children and adults
  • - thematic events for various occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Easter or anything else you’d like to celebrate
  • - a surprise to your loved ones for the Valentine’s day
  • - Traveling to London with your friends? Then stage a game based on a story about Sherlock Holmes and grab the felon!
  • - Visiting Louvre with children? Prepare an exciting quiz based on medieval paintings.
  • - Want to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend? Lead him or her to a gourmet restaurant via a special „Indiana-Jones-Route”!
  • - Are you a fan of „Assassin's Creed“ and want to be part of the plot? No problem with iDventure!
  • - How would the Grand Theft look like in your city? Simulate it – but watch out for traffic rules!
  • - Did you want to know how James Bond can save the world in 90 minutes? Don’t forget the martini – shaken not stirred!
Yes, it's "just a game" - but what a special one!

As founders of iDventure we’ve always been trying to find new ideas for parties, children’s birthdays or similar events and everything that comes along with it – colorful invitation cards, exciting games, and party accessories. Finally there are more than enough boring parties.


While developing iDventure we have focused on the following concept: we want to motivate people to let their imagination run free. And we want to make the personalized adventures accessible to as many people as possible - so that you can afford an individual and a customized game for little money. This is our vision of bringing people together through a shared, extraordinary adventure.


Who are we? - A team of creative enthusiasts who are firmly convinced that when one considers life as an adventure, one makes the best of it.

That's how simple it works

iDventure is based on an interactive online platform that is designed in such a way that the creation of an individual adventure is as easy as pie. The game you can create will seamlessly blend in your own environment. Each game is composed of predefined flexible templates that you can adjust to your needs. The game is based on a known scavenger hunt concept, a quest in which a few riddles and quizzes have to be solved in order to reach the final destination or to win a prize.

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- Can you find the Land of Oz? Sure you can! You’ll be the one to create it!
- Check out our exciting scenarios that we have thoroughly prepared for you
- Combine the real environment where you’d like to play with the virtual world
- Use our exclusive accessories and bonus material to transform your surroundings

  • - Design your game in such a way as to link it to your favorite adventure
  • - Use your personal pictures, videos, music and other media to make your adventure produce a real impression
  • - Your friends, relatives or colleagues can become the protagonists and the heroes of your adventure
  • - You are the only one design how and where your adventure takes place
  • - Play everywhere: in a park, in your garden, or at home
  • - Use any device with internet access
  • - Modify any time, even 5 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin
  • - Use any content, both your personal and from the internet
  • - Adjust our games to your personal needs
  • - You can create as many game drafts as you wish – for free
  • - You pay only when the game is ready and you are satisfied with the result
  • - No obligations, no hidden costs or subscriptions
  • - You can adjust the game after the purchase should some smooth and polish be needed
  • - Our bonus material is completely free
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