Quick solution / using as gift packaging (ATTENTION! SPOILER!!!)

Find the three moving bars and set them in the following order: 

Symbol 2, 1 and 3, starting with the wooden strip used in the example.

If you adjust everything correctly, you will be able to extract two keys, as shown:

  1. Pull the first key up
  2. Pull the first key out


  1. Pull the second key out as shown

Set the gears near the ray fish at 2,4,5 position

To achieve this do the following:

  • Set the middle wheel on 3
  • Set the left wheel on 3
  • Rotate the middle wheel clockwise (left wheel should rotate together in opposite direction)
  • Set the middle wheel on 6. In this position the left wheel should be on 7. The right wheel should rotate freely
  • Set the right wheel on 3
  • Rotate the middle wheel against the clock (left wheel should rotate clockwise, the right wheel should rotate clockwise)
  • Set the middle wheel to 4. Left wheel should be on 2, right wheel on 5


As soon as you adjust the wheels to the 245 position – you will be able to extract the wide figure key.

Insert the figure key as shown to release the ray fish


You can now also release another key:


Press the key with the turtle and hold it down to release the key with the turtle symbol.

Find the slot (a hole) on the box whose form corresponds with the shape of the symbol on the key with the turtle.

Put this key into the slot in the box as shown, so that the slot on the key hooks a ward inside of the box. Then pull the key and while holding it pulled, release another key

To solve the task with the locks, the first thing to understand is that the movement of the horizontal sliders is determined by the position of the vertical slider. You can only move the horizontal slider if the vertical slider is in the right position. Now move the horizontal sliders to the left in this order: 4, 1, 3

Now move the horizontal sliders to the right in this order: 2,3,1,4 as shown.


Now you can release the last key!

To open the box make sure that all the “petals” on the front side of the box are released from their slots:

Release the capsule!

To open the capsule you will need these four keys:

Find the embayments  in the capsule which correspond with the endings of the keys. Move the segments of the capsule in accordance with the arrows, fixing them in the desired position


Open the capsule through rotating its lid



Now you can deposit your gift in the box and reset the CLUEBOX to its initial state. To do this, please go to the point of the instructions: