Opening the box

Find the hidden opening on one of the sides. You should put a thin metal object in the hole and pull it down. To do this you can use:

  • Sim card eject pin
  • Paper clip
  • Earring
  • Push pin
  • Needle
  • A piece of metal wire

Warning: DO NOT use a plastic or wooden object as it can break and get stuck. When the lock is open, pull out the part with an arrow sign from another side of the box.

  • Put the box onto a perfectly flat horizontal surface (the side with 6 marbles is on top).
  • Hold the central part and spin the box rapidly clockwise – all marbles should roll to the outer end.
  • Then rotate the central part anti-clockwise and take it out.

Watch the video to see how to spin and open the box.

Resetting the box

  1. Insert the central part and check that its 5 ends are located on 5 bases.
  2. Rotate the central part clockwise to lock it.
  3. Then insert the key with an arrow sign and check that it is locked.

If the marbles locked again before you insert the central part, don’t worry – you can unlock it by taking the following steps:

  • Do not put the central part, hold onto the bases with your fingers instead.
  • Spin the box rapidly clockwise until the marbles roll to the outer end.
  • Follow the steps 1-3 above to finish resetting.

Watch the video to see how to unlock the marbles again.