Begin with the top of the box. Here you should make 3 sliders come to the arrows.

To reach the goal, you should bring this slider (see the photo below) to the end by moving sliders up and down and rotating the wheel. At first, 3 target sliders will move away from the arrows, but they will get back.

Move the sliders as shown below. Then take out the lid.

At the bottom of the box you’ll see discs in the middle of towers. Set the discs as shown below to “connect” 2 of the towers with a line.

Extract the key from the other side.

Rotate the outer disc so its notch points to the lock symbol. Then you can take out this lid.

After you’ve opened the lid, you will see two sliders with depicted arrows that block some parts. You have to push the sliders in opposite directions simultaneously. Then turn over the box – the unlocked parts will fall down.

Go to the side with torches. Make sure the torches are moved down. Position the darker part correctly as shown in the photo. Put it into the space between the torches, then move it right.

Now place the light one in the correct position and move it left.

Move the torches up. Now you can release the key.

On the side with spiked balls set the runes on the gears as shown below.

Then take out the the key.

Go to the side with crowns. Set the sliders as shown below.

Rotate the disc with the crowns anti-clockwise and extract the key.

Take out the inner box.

There are two holes, you should blow into one of them to unlock the slider (the other one locks it). Hold the box vertically in front of your mouth as if it were a trumpet. Blow sharply into the right hole. You don’t have to touch it with your lips, small distance is enough. While blowing, DO NOT try to move the slider down.

Pull out the slider. You’ve reached the secret space.

Now follow the instructions on resetting the box.