Reset the box

WARNING!!! Before you get to the box: at this moment you might have the big figure key stuck in the box. If this is the case – don’t do anything about it until you read what to do. If you extracted the key at some point – don’t put it in yet, until you read to do so.

Put the message in the capsule so that it fits in its narrow part. Check whether the ribs of the capsule are in the right position to close it. If not, use the keys to find and adjust the right position


Now close the capsule by adjusting the lid and rotating it clockwise.

After you did that – make sure to put all the ribs in the position “down” as shown

Insert the capsule into the box so that it fits completely.


Then insert the endings of the “petals” into corresponding slots you find on the capsule

IMPORTANT: From all the keys there are four keys, whose endings you will see on the side of the box with “petals”. Make sure you insert the keys so that they block the petals and are completely in. This is what it should look like in future, when all the keys will be in.

Take the big key with the tortoise and the narrow key with a big cavity (not with a small one!!!)

Holding the tortoise key pulled, insert the narrow key. Make sure the cavity on the narrow key looks face down.

Holding the tortoise button pressed, insert the tortoise key as shown

Insert the wide key as shown (make sure the arrow is pointing down!). If you have problems with this step – check whether all the horizontal sliders on the bottom side of Nautilus Cluebox are in the opened position (i.e. on the right)

Now we will bring the sliders into the initial position. Move the horizontal sliders to the left (with the help of the vertical slider) using the following sequence (exactly in this order): 


Now move the sliders 3,1,4 to the right (exactly in this order and again using the vertical slider). This should be your result. 

Take these three elements, including the narrow key with a small cavity.

Insert the narrow key (make sure the cavity looks face up!!!).Then adjust the ray fish.
*If the figure key is not in the box – insert it into the slot at this point.


Holding the big figure key pulled, insert the small curved key which blocks the ray fish.

To release the big figure key squeeze the parts with the arrows with your fingers and pull the key out.


Check whether the wheels near the ray fish are in the 2,4,5 position and insert the big figure key in the slot under these wheels.

Now you have to change the position of the wheels from 2,4,5 to any other combination to lock the key. We recommend setting the left and the right wheels on position 6. 

IMPORTANT: make sure the middle wheel has its cavity looking forward in the end.

Insert the last narrow key with the cavity facing up, as shown.

Make sure the “hole” on the Octopus side is empty

Adjust the moving bars according to the symbols

Insert the last key. First push the key horizontally then push it down. Then move the bars to lock the last keys

Warning! Do NOT apply force to insert the keys. As soon as you adjust the moving bars exactly – you will be able to insert the keys easily!