Put the sword parts into the small container and insert the slider so that you can see the arrows. Then, holding the container at the bottom, position it in front of your lips vertically and blow sharply into the left hole.
Remember to check the slider is blocked!

Insert the container into the box.

Make sure the sliders on the side with crowns are in the correct position and the wheel is turned anti-clockwise.

Insert the small key with 2 legs into the disc and rotate the wheel clockwise. Randomize the sliders to lock the wheel.

Move the torches up and insert the key while holding the right torch.

Move the torches down and extract the parts with stars by moving them back to the center. Tip: it’s easier to do this with another key.

Insert the parts one by one into the space between the sliders while pushing the sliders. Warning! It’s important to keep the correct position of the parts. Please, refer to the photo below.

Make sure the gears have correct rune values. Insert the large key. Then set random runes to lock the key.

Insert the darkish part of the wall all the way down, as shown in the photo.

Place the disc at the bottom side of the box so that the notch points to the lock. Then set the discs as shown below.

Put together the key and insert it. Then rotate the discs to lock the key.

Put the last part on the top of the box. Move the sliders to the initial position.