1. Insert the cover of the secret space and take out the keys

2. Place the middle part of the box on the lower part, set the “stars” keys to the right combination and insert the lock key. Pay attention to the direction of the key.

3. Place the upper part of the box on the middle part of the box. Orienting “South” direction the secret window.

4. Repeat the actions similar to the process of opening the box

  • Pull the upper key
  • Push small buttons to (W)est / (E)ast as shown on the box
  • Insert the keys exactly in the same what as shown below

(Standard version)

(Kickstarter Version “Rot”)

5. Lock the cover:

  • Place the small pins on the middle
  • Push the upper key down
  • Rotate the steering wheels
  • Randomize the 8-Puzzle on the bottom


This is the final step to reset and lock the box.