Unfinished case of Holmes


In the game „Unfinished Case of Holmes“ the players will be transported to Victorian era London and will go on an unforgettable journey full of challenging riddles and mysteries with the mission to complete an investigation of a mysterious death started but not finished by Sherlock Holmes. It is a mixture of an interactive computer game and a detective story with real objects pieces of evidence that survived over time. The game is based on an escape room principle where the players need to resolve different types of puzzles in order to proceed to the next level. All materials are downloadable, however, the person preparing the game will get no spoilers – no indication for solutions can be discovered unless you start playing!



The game can be played in several modes and it can match any type of event: a family gathering, a birthday celebration with friends or simply when you have a passion to spend time cracking a

mystery case. It is possible to play:

– as one team (recommended for up to 4 players),

– against the time, or

– in a competitive mode (unlimited number of teams).


Preparation time: approx. 30 min

Required: Color printer, scissors, glue

We are sure you will get an unforgettable experience playing our game!